Stable Diffusion Infinity 1.5 on Microsoft Windows!

By | October 23, 2022

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So with the recent release of stable Diffusion 1.5 and the special stable Diffusion 1.5 in painting models you Might have been wondering is this going To work with stable diffusion infinity And the answer is yes it is yes it is Let’s scroll down and have a look at This there we go we’ve got a fantastic Picture of a girl with a Pearl Earring That has been infinitely out painted Using the new stable diffusion 1.5 in Painting model which as we all know Works brilliantly for out painting you Can also see here that the interface has Had quite a large upgrade there’s lots Of new things going on and also in this Video I’m actually going to show you how To install it on Microsoft Windows even With photometric correction which does Indeed Now work on this gaming operating System so obviously this is the slowest Most difficult OS to use so I have Written a script that does everything in One line for you links are down in the Description just go to the paste bin Copy and paste that save it somewhere so That you can run it and then just run it So you’re going to need Anaconda Installed and running of course already Because this uses Anaconda I’ve got a Video that shows Microsoft Windows Beginners how to do that basically you Download it double click on the file and Then start it I’m going to start it now

So if you go down to those little four White squares in the bottom left if You’re using Microsoft Windows 10 and Then you’re going to type the words Anaconda and it’s already started to Appear for me so I can just start my Anaconda prompt and there I am now I Have a special GitHub directory that I Install everything into so I’m going to Put it in there and let’s just have a Quick look Here I have my script so I’m just going To run the script now And that’s it that’s it you just have to Run that and everything will install for You now obviously this is going to take A few minutes so I’m going to use the Magic of video editing and come back to You in a few seconds And there we go now everything is Installed so we are ready to start Running with just python there Are however a number of different Options that you may wish to run with it So here I’ve run python minus Minus help that gives me all the various Options that are currently available With it for example you may want to use A local model so you can just pass it Minus minus local model or you might Want to use https or you might want to Use the low vram or you know this FAQ And various known issues to have a Little read there but if I just start it

With the normal that will give me The local URL so I can copy and paste That into my browser there let’s pop That in there and then I can click setup Choose a model that you like I’m just Going to use the stable diffusion in Painting click setup that will set up And then you have your Infinite Canvas Now there’s lots and lots of new Features in here you’ve got a reset Canvas you can load and save canvases You can export your image like you could Before you can upload an image as usual You can move your selection so that Moves the little box canvas moves the Actual canvas itself you’ve got an Eraser which you can also change the Size of as well so you can have a big Eraser or you can have a little eraser Uh out painting obviously runs the out Painting you can zoom in and out you can Also use the scroll wheel to zoom in and Out as well as little information help Box there you’ve got canvas settings now As well so if you want to change the Size of your canvas that is the place to Do it you can enable image to image if You want to over paint or repaint a Particular section that you’re in Already you can resize the small input Which is what we do here enable safety Checker I’m going to leave that on of Course Square selection only if you want To use a seed too there you can click

Random seed so lots and lots of new Options at the top there init mode patch Match is the one that I tend to use now To start off with I’m not going to use Photometric correction but there’s also A mask mode and a border mode so if You’re doing masking obviously you want To use the mask mode if you’re Connecting images together you’re going Round and round you probably want to use Border mode there’s now also a negative Prompt option you’ve got three Schedulers there plms ddim and K LMS They’ve also got a ddim ETA that you can Change steps I’m just going to drop down To 30 for Speed and guidance I’m going To put up a little bit for reasons There’s also a sample number as well so Let’s just put this sample up to three For example and we’re going to have a Fantasy if I can spell fantasy art Painting of a rodent there okay so let’s Draw this rodent now another new thing Is the canvas will stay locked until you Accept or cancel the current out Painting so this will pop in and whereas Before you could just carry on for this One you will need to accept or cancel Each individual one you do so now I’ve Done three different samples for this Remember so I’ve got a rodent there but I can also click on this next result and I’ve got another rodent there and then There’s a third one there I like that

One with the moon so I’m going to accept That one and now once again I can move My selection box around if you want to Resize your selection box you can do so There and just drag that out I’ll make That a little bit bigger and again Confirm because you have to confirm Everything now let’s carry on with that Fantasy art painting of a rodent I’ve Got border mode because I’ve got a Border in there So let’s out paint that rodent we should Get a rather cool rodent hopefully it Will look very very nice and the Photometric correction will mean that You can’t really see that border and it Will just look like one new Big Image Let’s see how well it does Will it do quite well come on you can do It Windows is of course a fair bit slower Than Linux on Linux I get about 18 Iterations a second on Windows I get Somewhere between two and six so there We go that has outpainted very very Nicely Let’s uh have a look at some of The other options because I got there That one’s okay uh I actually kind of Prefer that one I kind of prefer that One so let’s drop that one down so I’ll Go back to just one sample so that we Can beat a little bit faster now the Eraser for example you probably want to Go to mask mode rather than bordering so

Say I don’t want that bit in there I’m still going to keep it as fantasy Art painting of a rodent just for Reasons And now when I rerun the out painting This will just give me the one sample so It should fill that in very very nicely And uh we’ll see how it does we’ll see How it does there it goes but it’s not Too bad I still got a little bit of a Signature there but yeah let’s let’s Click accept and so basically you carry On like that so you can change your Prompt each time as well so say I want To go over here and we’ll just have a Fantasy art painting of The cosmos because I’ve got a little bit Of a planet there and I’ll put that into Border mode I’ll do the out painting there again so This this should fill in that top bit There with a fantasy art painting of the Cosmos And we’ll just leave it running again There we go now that’s looking pretty Good isn’t it that is looking pretty Good but say I didn’t want that well Let’s have another one you’ve just got The sample number at one you didn’t like Any of the samples or you know you had It at three and you didn’t like any of The samples you can just click retry and That will have another go at that so Let’s see what the new version of that

Looks like that’s also pretty good That’s it’s kind of carried on like that So I’m going to accept that and let’s Put this over here so now you again you Can change the prompt and let’s have it Uh blurry let’s take blurry out so I got Negative prompt blurry and we’ll move This over a little bit we’ll do that out Paint again And this should fill in my fantasy art Painting of a rodent so we’ll carry on Getting the cosmos here and so if you Wanted to go down there you could maybe Fill that in as a planet so whichever Area you put your selection box over There we go we’ll accept that you can Just scroll out and make it bigger and Bigger and bigger and just keep going Out painting and out painting and out Painting and then save your image or Save the canvas and come back to it Again later so there you go it’s all Absolutely really really cool everything Joins up nicely now you can create some Really really big images plus if you Want to learn even more nerdy rodent Geekery then you can have a look at one Of these two videos

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