How to use Reference Images & Image Weights –iw MidJourney AI command [AI Art Tutorial]

By | September 22, 2022
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If you’ve been wondering how to use Image references with mid journey and Feed external images as inspiration for Your mid journey results then this video Will show you exactly how to do that Stick around to the end to see how i use The photo on the left to create the Character you see on the right Welcome back everyone and i hope you’re Having a fantastic day Mid journey allows you to include an External image alongside your text Prompt which it will then use as visual Inspiration for your end result This functionality can be controlled Using the iw command that you see over Here and that allows you to communicate To mid journey the degree to which you Wanted to feed inspiration from your Images it’s important to note that mid Journey will not copy your images One-to-one but instead use your images To create a similar idea With all that being said let’s hop into Discord to demonstrate how it works the Way that you add image references in Your text prompt is by including a url Of that image The easiest method to do that is simply By sending your image to your discord Channel so i have my reference image Here open on the top right and i’m just Going to drag drop and then send it to Discord once it’s sent open the image

Right click and then select copy link And this is the url you can now use as Part of your text prompt So as usual let us type slash imagine We’ll include the url just copy paste it And just add a text prompt after it so In my case for our first example i’ll be Creating clouds so i’m just going to Type clouds Once you click enter that’s going to Start generating your image So that’s great we now know how to Include a reference image in our text Prompts but let’s understand how it Actually works what you can control and Explore the different results that Different controls produces with For our first example we’ll generate Four images of clouds i’ve written out Four text prompts which will demonstrate How image references impact our end Results with mid journey and how you can Use the iw or image weight command to Alter these end results Our first prompt is a control image so Mid journey will produce an image Without our reference image above While the other three prompts have our Image url included as a reference image So this url links to this photo Within these three prompts will vary the Iw command or the image weight Strength at levels 1 2 and 10 000 and These values will reveal to us the first

Way in which these image weights work In front of us we now have the results For our four prompts And the main thing we notice is how the Three results with our reference image Included have adopted the color scheme Of the reference image Itself these three have a lot more Purple and orange as part of their Composition compared to our control Image which had no image reference We also noticed that the higher the Image weight value we’ve specified the More impactful our reference image has Been as the purple and orange hue Becomes more and more prominent To see this better i’ve upscaled one Image from each of our previous grids Looking at the prompt with image weight 1 here at the top right we start to see Some purple and some orange as well but We also see the presence of blue Which comes from our text prompt as blue Is the main color scene in our control Image at image weight 2 we now have no More blue present and apart from some Beige in the clouds all the colors are From our reference image This is expected because as we increase The image weight parameter mid journey Puts more importance on our reference Image In the final image i’ve placed 10 000 Weight on the reference image and we can

See that mid journey has pretty much Ignored the cloud text prompt and has Started improvising at recreating our Reference image as can be seen by some Of these plants that were introduced to Our result In my experience using a weight between 0 and 5 is the most effective as Anything higher mid journey ignores your Text prompt and you lose control over The end result to a large degree Nevertheless play around with this in Your own images and find what works for You You can actually include numerous Reference images not just one Including the same image three times is Likely to provide more prominent results Than only including an image once So let’s replicate example one but with A new reference image which will link Three times as part of our prompt It’s important to note that you should Include three different urls for each Reference image that you use Even if the image is the exact same So to do that let’s drag drop and send The image three times this is one This is two And this is three And just like we did before we’ll just Open each individual image copy link And then you can start your imagine Prompt

Copy paste paste the first one We’ll copy the second one as well Make sure to leave a space between them So they don’t merge And then just follow this with your Prompt I thought it would be interesting to Create the character for our second Example Similar to before i’ve drafted four Different prompts The first prompt is our control image With no image reference this is to see What mid journey will produce with our Text prompt alone we can then compare That to our other three examples which Have three reference images attached to Each I’ve varied the image weights for these Prompts from 0.5 to 1 all the way up to 10 thousand I want to bring your attention to how Simple the prompt i’ve provided is I’ve only specified that we’re trying to Create a woman with bleached blonde hair And have not detailed the length of the Hair what she’s wearing what skin tone I’ve done this on purpose to demonstrate That mid journey can indeed pick up on These things using image references Our prompts have now finished rendering And starting with the prompt where we Did not input our reference image at all We can see that the results are

Obviously quite different than our Reference image and that is not Surprising given that there was no link Between the two the character created Has long hair which is much more blonde Than our reference image she is also Wearing clothes quite different to the Ones which we see in our reference image Next looking at our first prompt with a Reference image and an image weight of 0.5 the result is now somewhat closer to Our reference image in that mid journey Starting to introduce the short hair Which is featured in our reference Composition It is still quite far but that’s Expected as we’ve placed more weight on The text which by default is 1 compared To the image weight which is 0.5 Next we have our closest results at Image weight 1 the hair is now the Correct color the character aesthetic Feels quite similar she’s now wearing a Black top and overall it’s very close to The reference image in terms of Character features I’m going to go ahead and upscale Version 3 because i feel that’s closest To a finished product but before that Let’s look at image weight 10 000 where We can see that again mid journey hasn’t Produced anything close to our reference And instead it has improvised which Again i believe hints that lower image

Weights between 0 and 5 are better when Using reference images And here is the upscaled character i Personally feel that this is an Incredible result that mid journey has Produced Due to how similar the character feels To our reference image the hair length Is correct the hair color is almost Perfect with the exception of these Slightly orange patches which honestly i Think i may have introduced with my text Prompt but it’s even colored the end of Her hair black as it has misinterpreted The shadow here for darker hair ends the Black top is also matching I’ve not played around with re-rolling Numerous times or try out different text Combinations As i wanted to conduct a quick and raw Demonstration for you so you know what To realistically expect on your first Try i’m sure these results can be Significantly improved but for now i Hope that you found this video useful If you did please like subscribe and I’ll see you in the next one

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