Midjourney V4 – Combine Images: INSANE Results! 🔥

By | November 17, 2022

Midjourney V4 – Combine Images: INSANE Results!

Today we are looking at how you can combine 2 or more images in Midjourney V4!

This trick seems to produce some amazing results in Midjoruney V4.

Today we are looking at how you can Combine two or more images in Mid-journey V4 can we create something Awesome let’s find out okay so when We’re gonna combine two or more images The first thing we need to do is just go To our mid Journey bot click on the plus Sign upload a file Choose the first image just hit enter Click upload a file again just pick your Second image enter so now we have our Two images here and now we can just Create our prompt so just go slash Imagine click on the first image Copy URL paste it click on your second Image copy URL make a little space and Paste now I like to do like a prompt Behind here but you don’t have to Cartoon style dash dash V for dash dash Q2 enter and now we can see that this is Gonna combine our two images into one With the added prompt of a cartoon style I can also show you how this will be Without a cartoon style so let me just Do the the vv4 and the Q2 Okay so we have some results back here This is the one we created with the Cartoon character I think this turned Out pretty good and with the with no uh Prompt this is what turned up you can Clearly see that it is some Batman free Behind bars so yeah this needs some Adjustments but I think it turned out Pretty good so now I’m just gonna create

Uh a whole lot of different prompts with This the theme is gonna of course be Sambachman freed so let’s see what we Can create okay so let’s take a look at The first result The Prompt we use here Was cartoon character orange prison Uniform and we combined these two images And they work into this one so I gotta Say this is just perfect I can’t be more Happy with this if you just look at the It looked more like a character uh so I I was so happy with this a very very Impressed okay so this result is just Amazing The Prompt is chased by a mob of People scared cartoon style full body Image I tried to combine like a Bahamas Beach with sandbank Manfred and with This prompt this is the result we got I Just think it’s amazing you can see him Running Scared away from like a pack of Mobs uh I couldn’t be more happy with This I had a few good versions but I Actually picked this one so yeah that’s Just hilarious okay so the next result We have is just the prompt homeless and Aerial view V for Q2 so here we combined Uh sandbank Manfred again with the Homeless person of course I feel sad for Homeless people but I don’t feel sad for Some back Manfred but just look at the Results here that’s just amazing Uh maybe this is his new Way of living now who knows probably in Jail but anyway anyway the result here

Was very good so yeah happy with this Okay so the next results we have is this One here is just the URLs and the dash Dash b4-q2 I just found this hilarious so I took This Homer image where he’s been chased By a mob and combine it with this image And I just found this very funny uh yeah What can I say I love it so the final Result we have here we did actually Combine three images it’s an image of a Cryptocurrency the FDX logo and sandbank Manfred and we have this quite long Prompt cartoon style burning Cryptocurrency greedy face full body Image aerial view and God I gotta say This turned out good I can’t really State how much I love This one It’s perfect Okay the only thing we’re missing is the FDX logo but Otherwise couldn’t be more happy with This look at that face it like stinks With grid So yeah very cool if you enjoyed this Video be sure to check out more Practical Ai and automation videos here Anyway thank you for watching have a Good day and I’ll see you in the next One