How to Character Design in Midjourney AI [Prompt Crafting Tutorial] – Ep.2

By | October 6, 2022
Prompt Below

Are you trying random words and hoping For the best results yeah I did that too Until I understood the concepts I’m About to share with you in this video in Episode 1 we covered how to structure a Text prompt to achieve the best results Possible video link is in the Description if you have not watched that Episode yet in this episode episode 2 Will understand how the words you use Actually impact your image results Understanding these Concepts will allow You to better use your words to achieve The end results you want so stick around Until the end as this video will be Packed with tips on how you can control Your character designs and by the end You should feel a lot more comfortable Putting text prompts together and being Able to predict the results you receive From mid-journey or in other words you Understand how mid-journey thinks we’re Going to be creating a male character in The style of Studio Ghibli for those of You who don’t know Studio Ghibli is a Japanese animation Film Studio it was Founded in 1985 and has become famous For their films Spirited Away house Moving castle and Ponyo it has also Become a very popular Style with Mid-journey users as it produces Beautiful results both character designs And Landscapes similar to the ones Displayed on your screen

Now in this chord let’s begin our Character design I’ve written out our prompt and again That follows the structure of style in This case Studio Ghibli main idea which Is character design portrait cute and Happy male and followed by the details Ambient city background I’ll be running This prompt in the test version of Mid-journey and I’ll be doing an aspect Ratio of 2 by 3. aspect ratio is Actually a very important parameter for The image result you receive Depending on what you are creating Vertical and horizontal aspect ratios Will likely give you significantly Different results where one will give You much better compositions and details Than the other so experiment and see What works best for your image if you’re Struggling to obtain decent results in Horizontal aspect ratio try vertical and Vice versa since we are creating a Portrait here I’ve chosen vertical Aspect ratio as that in my opinion Produces much cleaner well-composed Results overall for portrays Running the prompt these are our results It seems we have not done a great job With our text prompt as we are receiving Generic Studio Ghibli style environments And shots that do not really focus on a Character design This is because we have not explained

Our idea to Mid Journey well enough for It to understand the importance of our Character the lack of character detail Provided has forced mid-journey to Produce generic Studio Ghibli style Images as we can see from this image Database which mid-journey uses for Referencing I’ll post a link down in the Description but this is an amazing Resource to search up your potential Styles and phrases and see how Mid-journey understands the references You’re feeding it in our case due to the Lack of character details that we have Provided mid-journey seems to have Devoted to this look that we see on our Screen which has a lot of sky and Environment and very little character to Fix this we simply need to provide more Character details by adding more Character-centric descriptions we’ll Force mid-journey to focus more on Character creation let’s say we want to Create an older gentleman I’m going to go ahead and add old mail Let’s say that he has white hair And I want him to have reading glasses As well That’s better we now have our main image Focus on a character in The Studio Ghibli style but we have another issue The character is now reading a book and This is not what I’m going for here but This is actually an amazing example of

How one word can change your entire Results remember we added reading Glasses the word reading by itself Caused these results where we see a book So be careful what words you use always Try to be as concise and as accurate as Possible in your text prompts obviously The fix here is quite simple I Substituted reading glasses with only Glasses and that provided us with these Results which are much better So let’s now evolve our image quality Further to improve the quality of our Image we’re going to add unreal Engine You might have seen a lot of text Prompts with Unreal Engine in them but What is it and what does it do well Unreal Engine is a 3D computer Graphics Game engine which is used for Development of 3D games so adding this To your text prompt will give us a much More polished detailed and 3D look to Our image Look at the difference between the image On the left from our previous prompt Without Unreal Engine and the image on The right after we added it The image on the right feels much more Polished and 3D so if you’re going for a More realistic style then Unreal Engine Is a very effective way to achieve that This is the second result with Unreal Engine in our text prompt I’m now very

Satisfied with the character quality we Are receiving but the background is Plain where I requested an ambient city Background Oh before I forget make sure you don’t Make any spelling mistakes as I Misspelled engine and the results Weren’t pretty right let’s fix our Background now the fix here is quite Simple recalling from our previous Episode on prompt crafting the earlier a Word appears in a prompt the more Importance mid-journey places on it so I’ll move our ambient city background Phrase away from the back where we list Our details and I’m going to move it all The way up front where we list our style And I guess that makes sense for it to Be a part of style as we are describing The background style that we are going For And that’s perfect we now have our 3D Character in the city setting that we Wanted you can see we have a very Realistic render on the right and little More cartoonish render to the left both Are very nice and clean compositions and I’m happy with these results a very Important concept I want to convey to You is that when making changes to your Text prompt there is no guarantee that You received the composition that you Want however the better you understand How mid-journey works the better

Probability you have of receiving the Results that you want in my opinion you Should think of it in terms of Probability before I moved the ambient City background to the front I was Receiving a city background once every Maybe 10 images after I moved it to the Front I was receiving beautiful city Backgrounds maybe every 8 out of 10 Images You need to keep on re-rolling and see If the changes you’ve made to your text Prompt deliver consistently better Results Before the final tip consider Subscribing if you’ve enjoyed this video Finally it’s worth mentioning that if I Rerun the exact same prompt with the Style of Pixar For example the character Now looks to be of Western descent Rather than Asian descent as before This is likely because Pixar is a Western Animation studio and thus the References mid-journey receives when Looking up Pixar are Western characters Compared to more Asian characters when Looking up Studio Ghibli so again think About the meaning behind your words it’s Very important interestingly is it a Coincidence that our character looks a Lot like the founder of Studio Ghibli Hayao Miyazaki words can carry a lot of Meaning think about it and thank you for Watching

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