Forbidden prompts in MidJourney AI

By | December 3, 2022

What are forbidden prompts, and how to work with them, or more, around them, without breaking MidJourney rules for created content?
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So can we work like with me Journey you Uploaded image try to work process photo Which is look total normal and you get This potentially known safer workplace Come up uh prompt detection well of Course it says we are currently in a Progress we're working but point is it's Maybe stop your work with a client maybe You know you cannot process some stuff Or you decide to do some image with a Wally Wonka on a factory in its calm Says Hey Willie is a bandit so all those Poor guys who have a first name Willie The Bandit You know I I don't think it's a ride I I think some of the me Journey Um restrictions is a little bit out of The reality okay because Well example let's say somebody hate Vladimir Putin so now they've been to The name Vladimir then I am screwed Because it's meaning my name will be Banned or poor Willis or other things And you know I understand you maybe try To kind of work around this but you Shouldn't go after these words because If it's slang for you it doesn't mean Slang for other things but beside all This messing around these words let's Put this way how we can work around I'm Not want to go show you how to break the Filter okay because it's not our point We want to stay in our rules let me Journey Define okay however sometimes

The engine because it's new it's not Optimized it does not work properly then We need help AI to understand what we Wanted because really one kind of Factory in Chocolate Factory it's a Legit kids movie and if I want make some Character who look crazy like Johnny Depp or anything in this movie I want to Express this but I cannot because the Words is Bennett and a Willy Wonka it's A primarily character so if you put just A Wonka it's not necessarily will work Trust me I tried however in this video We'll go over some of these things how We can modify how we can work to achieve Correct things so let's go ahead and First start with our image if you have a Problem like this you load an image Which is totally legit totally properly And by the way I don't know where to get This unsafe workplace okay it's all Relatively what workplace you have it at One time I used to own a strip dancing Club you know and a lot of stuff was Work safe there But anyway Whatever the character rules Define this Is definitely work safe image because if AI cannot recognize this it's the Problem Um what I can do well you can try to put It like color it somewhat but have a Shape however AI says hey I still detect The Prompt and everything by the way if

That's happened to you usually I submit Two three times that image I want to be Sure that moderator admin see that error The paying attention and it says oh no Something wrong with engine we're going A line same I submit this inside the Like member support or other areas I let Them know that the filter needs to be Adjusted so they can correct it they can Train the filter properly way by the way This does not work you can see right Here add so the one thing's what I find It's work actually Going and create the portrait so what I'm meaning you crop in the problems With cropping in now we cut off the Hands body we cut off all of these Pauses or anything the next things what We want to do with this it's going and Actually merge with second image that Will represent our pores like right here We have full body Disney princess so we Can use that one or next reference we Need to create like a body you want to Look for example right here full body Disney princess Okay so we can use any of those Um you want it and I can do this way so We'll go to our main portrait click Right click copy image address so we Need reference one of the photos let's Go ahead type imagine we paste next we Want to put it what pose or image we Wanted so we'll use this one right click

Copy Image that we just created We can paste in at this point we can Just press enter if you want it and it Will merge them if you want to modify Something you can also says Hey I want This clouds or I want something else and Then it will work so this way I found Its work very well as well you can go And replace with some uh different type Of the pose bodies with other programs And you know what I have a nice video About how to create perfect portraits With a mid Journey so go ahead check This video it will help a little bit More pausing purchase and other ones Ways so this is one way how we can work With the portraits at this moment Probably in a future nice things it's Still in developing so the problem will Fix it some of those errors that Couldn't learn mistakes may happen Okay So and by the way right here it's where We have the result you can see we have a Portrait but that resemble what we have Before and it is kind of in scenery can Actually create full body if you need You know just adjustment stuff stuff but General Nice image okay Let's go look on Willy Wonka What's Happening Here And you notice we have at the warden if You put it like

Billy Wonka it says Hey Willie is Bennett don't do this or your access was Reworked all this stuff even you totally Legit you don't try to overdo do Anything in a properly you just normal Person names it okay or maybe some other Words you know Um and I'll show some other words also What has happened here but right there And when I try to set and it says hey How about just main character it does Not necessarily come true okay you can Try to maybe in a single quotes directly Movie name Willy Wonka and chocolate Still have a problem so you can try Maybe misspell still have a problem so What I found out it's work actually Better it is if we just describe Characters little bit more in this case So example we'll go imagine yes And let me just copy this path because I Want a picture of that person there so We go right there we put it Um Name whatever there instead we leave Wonka let's go type uh Wonka because I Don't want kids not Valid on chocolate This before main character let's go to Describe okay so we go describe it is Um Wearing Foreign Suit

Okay Um Tall brown hat And you know what it's sometimes wearing A purple suit you can always go on a Wheelie one just the IMDb and look right Here character if you want to go with This like for example red bow tie and so On so you want to go and describe the Character what you want to see that way It will help AI to understand what you Wanted okay let me go ahead fix this Oompa Loompas Dancing maybe let's go dancing Poor guys they need to work and then you Dance okay in the background And when you're done You can start render but this is way I Found Um best work with those forbidden words Just describe sometimes a little bit the Rephrase in different way to avoid those Banded words and again I said before we Don't break the rules we don't going and Says hey I want display something in a Properly and I'm trying to find a way to Do this no we try to render something Very appropriate but because the Limitations of the application are in Properly configurations limited us then We'll try to describe in a way it will Be accepted And here we have our render and you can See it's now it's look a little bit more

As Willy Wonka of course we can work Around I don't know what's going on on There it's like a Hokey Pokey dance Something going on anyway Um but you can see how you can describe We can work a little bit more around This so the one thing it's worked around This kind of slangy Ward it is just to Try describe more character what you Want to see Okay the another biggest problem is some Stylization does not even accept Okay so Let's look about some styles for example Pinup art style and this is a not Inappropriate style actually if you go Check on a Wikipedia pinup model pin up Style it is specifically style there was A 1950 it's actually was using in second World war to paint on the sides of Airplanes okay it's covered a lot of Styles developing this it's specifically Um Legal style it's nothing and not Inappropriate here however let's go see What's happened if we try to type and It's come up right here says pinup is Bennett come on Peanut word is Bennett Okay I don't know why or what they do but What if I want to create this style what If I want to create in this specific Drawing style when you have Illustrations and everything so then we Need to describe it better because pinup

Is maybe for somebody means something Else okay it does not necessarily mean Right style for you for these things so Let's go now reverse and says when is The pinup was done and in what style That is will help us because it is about 1950s 1940s 30s when it was done so We're going and we'll just for example Explain as woman in retro suit and for Example I want to find insects you know Um insects alien rocket I'm a describing But what I added is additional reference This is what's important for us to do This reference to artist style year of Illustrations and all this sci-fi so I'm Trying to describe this style not by Naming of the style but naming of the Artist of the Style again nothing is not Inappropriate in this okay it is a style Of the drying outline with illustration Flood color all the stuff so and when we Done this we will achieve that result Okay so in right here we have our result You can see notice it is done in this Specific style that I wanted it's clean Nice we have it Fun Type illustrations we can do with inside Sci-fi all this stuff of course we have This Ultra multiple fingers you know It's like I don't know how we can look On those hands anyway what point is this Here's the art we created and that Specific style we want to pin up by the

Way do you know the pin up is not only Addressed to female it was a male as Well it just star style of the art was Accessing and same problem as was Sometimes achieved to the Rococo Um have a bad name because many things People would think it's Rococo it's all This nutty um Whatever that for uh naughty images and Everything uh painting however it was Done for a long time over almost 100 Years create the travel create a lot of Tourism or anything anyway won't go into History but General Um before label some specific style or Anything go research and be sure you're Not just to put it stereotypical label That does not have any meanings or bad Stereotype well thanks for watching this Video hopefully you enjoyed let me know If you find some other interesting Ability with me journey and have a great Time and day to create your own art