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By | September 16, 2022
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Welcome back everyone I hope you’re Having a fantastic day today we’ll look At how to export progress videos of your Mid-journey image Creations it’s super Simple so keep it short and sweet but First for those of you who didn’t know That mid-journey has this feature or Haven’t seen what mid-journey’s progress Videos look like this is the progress Video for the image that you’re looking At on your screen enjoy [Music] I think you agree that this is a pretty Cool feature that mid Journey has I did Play around with the playback speed of The video but normally the export is Between 5 and 7 Seconds long it’s Important to mention that currently this Feature Works only on initial grids Variations and remasters but does not Work for upscales so if you have an Upscaled image that you want to create a Progress video for you won’t be able to Do that now in order for you to obtain a Progress video of your image you need to Make sure that when you’re creating your Prompts so when you’re writing your Prompt in the first instance you include At the end of your prompt this dash dash Video command so you write your prompt Out and at the end you write dash dash Video if you don’t include this when Writing your prompt initially you won’t Be able to export the progress video

Once you’ve obtained your final image Result like I have over here you simply Need to react to this post with the Envelope Emoji so you go to add reaction And react with this envelope Emoji You’ll see that mid Journey has now sent Us a direct message and we’ll go ahead And open that chat and that’s going to Contain our image and our video here you Can either check the video in Discord or You can open the link just say that it’s Okay to leave this code and follow this Link It’s going to open the video for you you Can click on the three dots here at the Bottom right corner and click download Video And that’s it now you have your progress Video on your computer and you can start Creating I hope this was useful if you Like this video please like subscribe And I’ll see you in the next one

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